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Our values support joyful workdays in multiple ways.

Meaningful service

We are here to be of meaningful service.

At Aquarian, we are here to make a difference in the missions of the businesses and organization who are our clients. To meet this mission, we provide high-touch, highly personalized service and provide technology that guides users and new users, tech that makes jobs and tasks shorter and easier, tech that won't collapse under the weight of its own success, and tech that isn't extreme in timeline or mission. We also value timely, actionable feedback.

Each others' time

We value each others' time

We don't occupy each others' workspace with unnecessary meetings or time commitments. Our meetings are called when they are important to increasing or reinvigorating productivity. This means that they are appropriately structured and short, with a constructive focus. We value brevity - the sense that being efficient with communication is a matter of respect for each other. Meetings won't be called if it can be an email. Meetings will be called if it can settle a matter in 5 minutes that struggles over text media. We solve problems efficiently and take the time necessary. Additionally, we value boundaries around not being at work. At Aquarian, we know that work exists to support life outside of work. We do everything we can to support team members in their structured work day and outside of it.

Creative development

We value creative development

The single thing that all team members have in common is a willingness to do the hard work - chase down a problem and present a solution, even if it feels outside of their wheelhouse. With this as a common thread, team members can grow into the designers, developers, and administrators they want to be, from opportunity to opportunity. This grows our expertise year over year and keeps skills fresh and relevant. As far as accessing each others' expertise, we learn from each other, teach each other, and give each other credit, openly, for accomplishments we witness.

Health, well-being, and growth

Aquarian, formerly Petroglyph Creative, was founded on the principle of creating a workplace that defends psychological safety of individuals involved. In other words, we have created and are developing a safe place to learn, grow, and improve professionally while providing meaningful service (see above) to businesses and organizations promoting the overall well-being of their customers and constituents at large. We speak gently and kindly to each other, respect boundaries and time, and work with software and systems that support this outcome. Every day, we seek joy in our work and to enjoy interactions with each other, our clients, and to look forward to what comes next.