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Moving your website as-is to a system designed for security can prevent further problems.

In some urgent cases, a website has stopped working or may do so in a short amount of time. Whether it’s a plugin preventing code upgrades, a hacker got in, or that it’s collapsing under the weight of its popularity and success, we quickly gather the assets we need and proceed with the following two services. With restoration being a priority, we may propose a timeline where “nice to have” features are completed following an MVP launch.

What’s different?

We are experts in secure, scalable web platforms that improve client outcomes over time, and recognize that it may be time to move on from one-size-fits-all options in web platforms. We don’t believe in band-aid solutions or that software that isn’t designed for security or scalability will one day become that. We end website problems by removing them in full.

End-stage website software problems

You may not know that the drawbacks to choosing WordPress or other classic open-source platforms to power your website often show up at the end of the website's lifecycle as hacks, white screens, plugin incompatibilities, slow service, unexplained breakage, or interrupted service. If choices around working on the website involve how not to break it, you may have reached this point. If your website keeps getting hacked (we hate this) or has been hacked even once and you have reached a breaking point, it may be time to saddle up. Have you experienced a failure of service in online sales on a busy day? We don't want that to happen. Having these problems may be a sign that you have out-succeeded WordPress' capabilities. Should we say congratulations?

Don't spend time or money on patch work or band-aids just to end up in the same place. Say a permanent goodbye to the hoops, the upkeep, the compromises, and the anticipation of troublesome issues; they disappear when your content management system is designed for security and scalability. Say hello to the ability to focus on website improvements without impediments going forward.

The same website, stronger

Apart from a new control panel, we will make your site look and function exactly the same (except where no-brainer improvements are rolled in,) giving you the ultimate flexibility to publish and administrate anything wherever, whenever you want without the overhead of software-specific issues like security and stability. Both ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS share the same structural code as WordPress: PHP! but are written with "security as a design principle," whereas WordPress is largely written for quick adoption. Additionally, the use of a well-documented templating language vs PHP makes it easier to pick up as a developer/web designer, and easier to explain and help with as your provider.