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CRO, SEO and Content Strategy for ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS

Move out of WordPress

Was your WordPress hacked? Is your WordPress slow or not as fast as it once was? One of our specialty areas is migrating websites from WordPress that may have flourished in WordPress until recently. Some highly-popular, heavily trafficked WordPress websites experience outages, hacks, or downtime due to software shortcomings. We re-create the website in a secure, stable, scaleable WordPress alternative and deliver a fresh start on the website you already love.

Emerge from the pandemic with strength

We have a massive opportunity at this time to redefine our lives and to change ourselves into something we want to be. This same principle applies to your business or organization - the mix of needing to leave the past behind and having needed to change daily routines and habits around survival has lead us to an unprecedented opportunity to communicate openly and directly with our clients both in service and in compassion - let us help you do the same.

If your team is ready for a new web experience centered around your needs as a business, let’s talk.

We meet you where you are

Aquarian Web Studio masterfully designs and implements strategic content and web design without making things complex when they don’t need to be. Whether you are struggling with blogging platforms or just need some visual updates, we tailor our approach to fit your needs. Too many businesses rely on limited, hacky blog and web brochure platforms that can lead to online instability and limit growth over time. Understanding the way people interact and communicate with companies is our most valuable asset. Take a look at what we did for this non-profit ExpressionEngine website (pictured).

Website on multiple devices

Website headaches, gone.

Aquarian Web Studio specializes in websites that work fast and perform as expected under pressure. We give small- to medium-sized organizations the ultimate flexibility and scaling web development options they need to meet their online goals. We have built and optimized countless websites, and implemented hundreds of additional features and upgrades seamlessly into clients’ websites since 2010. Aquarian Web Studio is led by Caroline C. Blaker, a nationally renowned “tech lead” who guides her team of web professionals with her fifteen years of web creation.

High-touch, streamlined experience

We are website advocates, communications planners, expert coders, and strategists. We join your meetings, listen carefully, and deliver inspired ideas for growth. Do you need an abstract change (values, perspective) to come through the website in a new design? Perhaps your growth objectives can't be built into your current platform? Or you tried it and the website failed? Our website experts vocally and strategically support organic, true website and brand growth, supported by modern, secure web platforms and code, according to your goals, un-complicating your website's role and streamlining your process.

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