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We take great care in moving your website to a secure, stable platform so that it works better going forward.

Not only do we more over existing content to a new, easy-to-use Content Management System, we design your workflow around everything we have learned about you as a business. Our content modeling practice and authorship experience design practice are informed by everything we have learned from you, the client during the translation design process. Moreover, we design areas for information storage that reflect how the information or content should appear on the front-end as well as make sense to the author. Workflows make sense and updates take less time.

What’s different?

Many content management systems, especially popular ones, install with common-sense conventions and options. This can lead developers into the need to “break out” of these conventions or bend conventions slightly in order to suit their needs, only to revisit the same decisions down the road and see how ultimately they made their job more complicated. This costs the client time and money. The only conventions we arrive with at your project belong to your content and business processes. We set up your website to look like your business and update and grow like your business.

Why switch Content Management Systems?

Apart from a new control panel, we will make your site look and function exactly the same (except where no-brainer improvements are rolled in,) giving you the ultimate flexibility to publish and administrate anything wherever, whenever you want without the overhead of software-related problems . Both of our Content Management Systems, ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS share the same structural code as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and the like: PHP and MySQL. They are "technologically adjacent," but were written to be secure, stable, and scaleable all together.

Aside from the benefits of switching to a more capable platform, there are also the benefits of moving out of software that attract the issues you are facing. WordPress is well known and runs 40% of the internet, but was never designed to be secure. It is known to be easily exploited and attacked. Most of this nefarious attention can be avoided by switching out of WordPress, and the rest of it can be fended off by being in software designed for security.