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Upgrade your ExpressionEngine software and design for easier publishing and better SEO results

This foundational software for our business has nearly 20 years supporting websites with fewer than 5 documented hacks, ever. We have been working with it for 14 years, since version 1.6.3. Caroline has contributed 3 presentations to the ExpressionEngine Conference, held around the United States every year. We are known and respected in this community, while being ExpressionEngine Silver Partners.

We love ExpressionEngine for its amazing stability and content modeling. In fact, it’s our top recommendation to step in for unstable websites across the board. It delivers everything the classic platforms deliver and allows for a secure, stable, scalable web presence without all the hassles. We also modernize older EE sites with page builders, SEO, and other essentials that may not have been included when the site was born.

Your Upgrade Headquarters

We upgrade websites to present from as far back as EE1 - assuring that your website will continue to floursh just as it did when it was first built. Good thing you put it in ExpressionEngine!

The release of ExpressionEngine 6 as a Long Term Release (LTR) and the absobtion of EE Pro into the main release as of ExpressionEngine 7 further underscores that ExpressionEngine is here to stay, with even less need to maintain your already-awesome software so you can steer more budget to things that matter.

Today's web publishing

ExpressionEngine has changed so much! If you're working with an older website, chances are it feels outdated. Today, you can add page builders, advanced SEO with structured data, even headless features instead of starting over on new platforms that bring more limitations and expense. Starting with your priorities and the website you have, we identify improvements to be made in quality of life, design, or user experience. Has it been awhile? Weave in new business goals and strategies and get everything you want at a fraction of the price of a total rebuild.

Secure, Stable, Simple, Scaleable

ExpressionEngine's unique history of being born as a proprietary commercial software and later being released to Open Source introduces a collection of specific advantages to its users and administrators. It's simple. For a modern web platform, it involves very few advanced processes to get up and running. It's secure. With a handful reasonable and well-documented security measures taken, you won't have to worry about hacks. You'll never have to worry about daily security updates like other popular platforms. It's stable. It has been around since the 1990's and its proprietary ownership continues to guarantee its forward motion in web development.

The ExpressionEngine Community

We are EE Experts and community contributors

We are ExpressionEngine Silver Partners and have had the honor of contributing to the ExpressionEngine Conference (we call it "eeconf") in 2018, 2020, and 2022. We are familiar with all aspects of ExpressionEngine maintenance, including feature building, performance, e-commerce, API integration and more. We develop payment gateways, tax calculators, and custom shipping calculators for CartThrob, ExpressionEngine's companion eCommerce solution.