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Your website as-is or with common sense improvements in brand new code can enhance stability and performance

When moving over from an old website, we appreciate that you may want the same exact website look and feel, a completely different look and feel, or somewhere in the middle. No matter what, we are translating your desired website look and feel to the Petroglyph UI - our time saving, flexible, in-house starter template which gathers one of the most powerful developer design systems, Tailwind CSS; together with one of the most powerful available Javascript Libraries, Vue JS. From here, we translate your existing design (or better, your choice) into today's modern code. If your front-end code hasn't been refreshed in the last year, it's a huge quality upgrade.

What’s different?

Design progress meetings are different with Aquarian because there is no phase in which we design the website as just a concept image. Every design meeting will include proof of concept in a responsive, living web document where all parties can interact with new features, concepts, and behaviors. This is the same code that we ultimately implement in your content management system. This means that we can catch bugs, witness oversights, or change our minds based on how it came out in the early phases, not at some crunched pre-launch, too-late timeframe. By the time the website is ready to launch, everything works and the design is flawless.

While this page focuses on Web Design in the migration process, we also offer web design on new and existing websites without migration. Learn more about our web design services.

Why the Petroglyph UI?

When handling translation of website features from outgoing to new, there are a few general concerns:

  • Website code made from themes and add-ons is often unnecessarily complicated and slow, limiting its ability to scale.
  • The older the code, the older the code standard; the more likely it will be to fail in its mission going forward.
  • The older the code, the more likely "tech debt" is present - outgoing code that still has to be worked around because of historical decisions.

Creation of a new look and feel with the Petroglyph UI's features ensures the following:

  • Website code is flexible, beautiful, and serviceable according the the website's mission.
  • The website code can be updated in one piece as needed going forward.
  • New features that need to be coded in the future can use the context of the current website code as a backdrop.
  • Code is ready to take things up a notch - add "appy" or "headless" features without going through any front-end restructuring.
  • The code used in the design can be translated to the Content Management System without changing it at all.

Embracing Team Design

When we design websites, we go directly to code. We start with the theme of the outgoing website and take note of what we hear you saying about it. Invariably, outgoing websites are a collection of good decisions over time - some that worked out, some that didn’t. We carefully build in everything you still want from the old scenario and fill in the gaps with what we think you'll like.

When we show you, the client, our work - it's fully interactive as a web page. You navigate to it in the browser, evaluate it for how it looks big and small, for its interactivity; and your feedback is crucial to the next steps we take. You are, essentially, helping us design your front-end in our step-by-step process.