CartThrob eCommerce ExpressionEngine Website with integrations

CartThrob eCommerce ExpressionEngine Website with integrations on Multiple devices
CartThrob eCommerce ExpressionEngine Website with integrations on Multiple Devices

What began as a slow-motion fresh start for Warehouse 1's e-commerce marketing in January 2016 has morphed into a full-on partnership with Aquarian to deliver expert-level creativity and functionality with top-of-the-industry solutions for performance, design, and conversions. Joining together with InFlow, we continue to look at and study this website for SEO, CRO, and Content Strategy opportunities. This includes updates to the front-end design and user interface, full front-end code replacement, third party integrations, custom tax and shipping programming, SEO and Schema, all while keeping everything running smoothly.

Among our clients, Warehouse1 has the distinction of being the company that works with the most external marketing consultants and it's the website we manage with the most mission-critical integrations of 3rd party services.

  • Integrated Lead Generation with Hubspot
  • Integrated inventory with SAP
  • Integrated api website search with klevu

In transforming the look and feel to to something completely modern, functional, and mobile-first, we used a strong existing site and re-coded the front-end using Foundation Sites with GULP preprocessing for performance and organization as well as speed. We cleaned out 7 years of code debt to return a website that both dazzles AND gets out of the way of your business there. Now, as WH1 goes forward with their new look and feel, the ability to add new interactive and design features that get along will be enhanced and accelerated, as will the website's performance with the new, existing features.

Some of the many improvements made to this website:

  • Mobile-first layout (better than just Responsive)
  • Streamlined Shopping Cart and Checkout
  • Improved Shopping UX - faster product drilldowns
  • WordPress migration to ExpressionEngine
  • ExpressionEngine CartThrob custom taxes and shipping
  • Implementation of Tailwind CSS