About Aquarian Web Studio

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Our distributed, US-based, all-female core web team. We do a lot of zoom meetings - don't be surprised if we show up just like this.

Aquarian Web Studio, formerly Petroglyph Creative, is a web-focused tech strategy company solving problems for businesses and their customers through process-driven evaluation and strategy. We infuse optimism into our strategies, providing our customers with an unparalleled path for growth.

In other words: we know how to help people with high-performing websites. And we know how to help you get more out of them.

Aquarian Web Studio has helped dozens of companies and org's get more out of their web presences. We know the ways to get your website configured to your workflows and goals. We can keep your software up-to-date. We can add features. We can help you monitor your campaigns. Too many businesses rely on limited blog and web brochure platforms that are often security risks on the outset and waste money in all the patching and firewalling, and therefore limit growth over time. We deliver high-value improvements from our first engagement forward and remain flexible in our process enough to keep websites improving while shipping larger features in tandem. When you are enabled to publish anything exactly as you need to do so - and have at your fingertips, the ultimate flexibility and scaling options to fit growing needs, you won't need to worry about your website anymore. That's what we're after. We have implemented hundreds of additional features seamlessly into clients’ websites.

Aquarian offers a combined 40+ years of web problem solving for clients and is led by Caroline Blaker, a nationally renowned “tech lead” who guides efficient, focused contractors with her eighteen years of web publishing; (since the beginning) years in Craft CMS, and utilizing ExpressionEngine since version 1.6.3! The team is based in Albuquerque, NM but is distributed around the United States.

Aquarian loves roles as an on-hand asset pursuing ROI through advertising media and metrics. Petroglyph is also a go-to provider to advertising agencies, large not-for-profits, or any organization seeking strategic web development and design.

And not to brag, but we offer an all-female core web team:

Meet the Team

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal portrait
Caroline C. Blaker - Principal portrait

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal

Caroline C. Blaker has been developing websites since 2003 and has “grown up” watching the changing landscape of the internet as it has aged and evolved. Caroline got started developing websites independently in April of 2010 and founded Petroglyph Creative in August, later that year. She handled it all until 2018 when the team started to come on and since then has had the chance to lead in every competency. She continues to evaluate new technologies for future Petroglyph use; and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. If you catch her on an off-moment, she's thinking about a trip to Annecy. (Oui! C'est vrai!) Caroline lives in Albuquerque, NM and works remotely.

Niki Wolf - Developer portrait
Niki Wolf - Developer portrait

Niki Wolf - Developer

Niki has been working with web code since 1999. She loves writing CSS from scratch, getting to the root of “why isn’t this working?“, and dreams of doing this web development thing for a living. She has lived in Arizona longer than she hasn’t. Married, one daughter, one cat. In her spare time, Niki likes to occasionally knit or crochet, sometimes paint things, and hang out with her family.

Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design portrait
Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design portrait

Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design

Demetria likes to use the term Full Stack Designer to describe what she does. With a degree in Graphic Design she gravitates toward web design and has a passion for UX/UI but still enjoys making the occasional wine label and iconography. After living in the Pacific Northwest for almost a decade, she has finally returned to her roots and is back home in the Southwest, enjoying life with her kiddo and 2 dogs. Now that she is back home, Demetria uses her skills to volunteer on a board in the same neighborhood she grew up in.