About Aquarian Web Studio

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Our distributed, US-based, all-female core web team. We do a lot of zoom meetings - don't be surprised if we show up just like this.

We infuse your business with decades of online expertise.

Never struggle again with any aspect of online business growth.

I've worked with Aquarian since January of 2016 and haven't thought once to look elsewhere since. In that time they’ve taken us from two separate websites (informational and ecommerce) into one ExpressionEngine site, made significant upgrades to the back end and front end, and huge improvements to our site’s speed, SEO, CRO, and UX. They do great work for us, in a timely manner. Aquarian's developers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in web development. And they use their network of experts to lean on for those rare times something is outside their wheelhouse. Their team communicates well and they are a pleasure to work with!
- Daren, Marketing Manager, Warehouse1

Your best outcome is our priority

When “good enough” is no longer good or enough, your business needs web solutions that are inspired by your goals, but implemented by experts. We set your business up for a lifetime of success with secure, stable website software that scales and adds value to your business. Next, we study your website and presence on social media to identify and prioritize improvements, and implement them. Your priorities can change any time, and we will move with you on the new focus. However your business changes, your website and online presence will follow closely and effectively.

We understand that you’ve made good decisions all along

We don’t just listen. Your existing web presence is full of good decisions, even while being possibly overshadowed by challenges. We’re here to build your presence on the web, and we start with where you are when you approach us. The study of your online business properties, combined with your storied assessment of what you need, is full of goodies that help us understand how you got to where you are and extends the picture of where you are going. We are committed to using our expertise to relieve you of the burden of all the tedious and techy aspects of website management, and we use your good decisions as a starting point

We solve major (and minor) website problems

Many websites begin as homegrown efforts to get online - which is great. We are fans! Invariably after some period of time and a lot of success, these websites may (gradually, or all at once) hit issues that prevent further growth without intervention. Much of the time, this intervention is treated as a passing challenge. At Aquarian, we recognize these patterns and have the solution. Furthermore, we don’t send clients to potentially problematic outcomes. Whether you are experiencing website issues or not, you have our guarantee that they will not be a part of your future.

We have serious skills

We have been web developers for a combined 45+ years, and have been studying the web the whole time. Fundamentally, we are code developers who have been practicing design since it broke out of Photoshop, and have our own User Interface code we have developed to continue that practice. We have been “trained by the competition” in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion and Retention Optimization (CRO,) by some of the best in the world, and we have seen the results (pictured.) We have the chops for complications, integrations, customizations, and special cases. Our colleagues have recognized us as some of the best among them, and as such we have been verified as partners and maintain a pattern of significant contributions to industry conferences. When you work with us, you have the assurance that we are the best at what we do.

What we make for you is yours

Some agencies like to hold onto their work and rent it out to their clients on a case-by-case basis. At Aquarian, all work is deliverable, and for you to do what you like with in any case. Our work is to add value to your business.

We promise: you will love your website

Whether it’s the sheer absence of struggle or the enhanced results that build month over month, we promise that you will love your website and the work that we do for you.

And not to brag, but we offer an all-female core web team:

Meet the Team

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal, Tech Lead, Art Director portrait
Caroline C. Blaker - Principal, Tech Lead, Art Director portrait

Caroline C. Blaker - Principal, Tech Lead, Art Director

Caroline C. Blaker has been developing websites since 2003 and has “grown up” watching the changing landscape of the internet as it has matured and evolved. Caroline got started developing websites independently in April of 2010 and founded Petroglyph Creative in August, later that year. She handled it all until 2018 when the team started to come on and since then has had the chance to lead in every competency. Today she leads meetings, design and dev decisions, and runs operations. If you catch her on an off-moment, she's probably running around chasing Mehera, 3 or playing Fortnite with Mahlon, 9. Caroline lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Niki Wolf - Senior Developer portrait
Niki Wolf - Senior Developer portrait

Niki Wolf - Senior Developer

Niki has been working with web code since 1999. She loves writing CSS from scratch, getting to the root of “why isn’t this working?“, and dreams of doing this web development thing for a living. She has lived in Arizona longer than she hasn’t. Married, one daughter, one cat. In her spare time, Niki likes to occasionally knit or crochet, sometimes paint things, and hang out with her family.

Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design portrait
Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design portrait

Demetria Gutierrez - Front-end Design

Demetria likes to use the term Full Stack Designer to describe what she does. With a degree in Graphic Design she gravitates toward web design and has a passion for UX/UI but still enjoys making the occasional wine label and iconography. After living in the Pacific Northwest for almost a decade, she has finally returned to her roots and is back home in the Southwest, enjoying life with her kiddo and doggo. Now that she is back home, Demetria uses her skills to volunteer on a board in the same neighborhood she grew up in.

Andrea Waters - Project Management, Executive Assistant portrait
Andrea Waters - Project Management, Executive Assistant portrait

Andrea Waters - Project Management, Executive Assistant

Andrea has spent more than 30 years assisting customers, colleagues, management, and C-Level Executives. She has a background in small hi-tech companies, banking, manufacturing, and government. She has lived in Texas, Northern California, Raleigh, North Carolina, and now resides in Albuquerque, NM. Andrea enjoys yoga, meditating, and spending time with friends, family, and her dogs.