Need ExpressionEngine Modernization? Trust the experts!

Posted on April 03, 2018

Caroline Blaker

Need ExpressionEngine Modernization? Trust the experts! Image

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Are you one of the thousands of people with an ExpressionEngine website that needs to be modernized? Let's see how many of the following criteria sound familiar:

  • Your EE software is version 2.11 or >ghasp< lower..
  • Something breaks when you save something.
  • Your look and feel was built in the 960 grid, or worse, isn't responsive at all.
  • You like your website but it isn't doing as well as it used to in search engines or in achieving its overall goal - to get your message to your audience.

If the above sound familiar, then it may be time to consider a modernization effort, if you intend to go boldly into the future with the site you have.

But, my developer said my site software would last forever.

And, my guess is that it pretty much has, and will! But the internet has changed. Even if your site was built to absolute scientific SEO perfection in 2007, like a 2007 Toyota Camry, it's probably still running, but not without oil changes, new brakes and tires and a few detailings here and there. Websites, like cars, need maintenance. If you have fallen behind on this, the good news is that, unlike cars, you haven't done any permanent damage to your website and can get it done now.

I have no intent on making any improvements any time soon.

That's ok, but be aware that to keep that site up going forward, you may have to change this plan. PHP7 is now standard in web hosts and as security measures change to improve and outrun hackers, all servers will eventually be upgraded. Your older EE software is not compatible with PHP7 nor is it any longer supported by Ellislab, so between being on a server that's less secure and no recourse for any security breach, you're taking a huge risk. Ultimately, your host may even be forced to upgrade your server along these lines, breaking your site. Then, you're either paying someone to move the old, broken site or glad you already modernized.

Will I see any immediate benefits from modernizing my website?

That depends what you think of as a benefit - and the answer is yes, possibly! Google loves old domain names, so you could see a huge boost with longstanding, important content as soon as evidence that the code is being kept up surfaces.

How do you decide what to do first?

First, we secure the website on https and modern software. Then, we take small, deliberate steps towards working the website into a modern front-end or design. These are different for everyone. Your analytics will help us understand where most of your traffic is coming from and what they are trying to do, either in success or failure. We can look at this data and first modernize, then streamline the user experience to offer maximum communication of your message and realization of other goals.

I think I may be using add-ons that are no longer supported.

It happens, but luckily there are lots of great options for moving forward from these add-ons. Mostly EE1 and EE2 add-ons have no-support-forward add-ons. However, developers often see their EE3 add-ons be completely compatible with EE4, so the likelihood that there would be an add-on that is dropped from EE support at that juncture is highly diminished. It's also much less likely that you'll need a major modernization effort in the future. In any case, we occasionally have to migrate content out of add-ons and into new ones. EE4 boasts native functionality for so much more these days, like SEO. Chances are we'll be moving your outdated add-on data right into factory ExpressionEngine, itself - which is a good thing.

But, I love my site. Can you promise it'll be the same after these "improvements?"

Your site will be greatly improved in its speed, flexibility, navigability, and clarity in the Control Panel, though it will be wildly different. Different colors, different menu options, different words, even. It'll take some getting used to, as your former Control Panel did. It'll work like other things you're used to working with, so it won't take much to get used to it. Your front-end will be identical, and small improvement by small improvement, you'll love it even more than you already do.

Why should I trust Petroglyph with my site's renovations?

We've been using ExpressionEngine since version 1.6.3 and are expert mechanics with EE2. Even if you haven't heard of us, you've heard of some of our clients and the sites we continue to work on every day. As part of your team, and the ExpressionEngine Pro Network, the work we do on your site is the best around.

Are you able to make improvements to my website?

Yes, and it is why we call ExpressionEngine Redux our specialty. Get ahold of us today to see how we can begin getting your site restored to modern standards!

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